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Opportunities abound….

I just returned from a short trip to Halifax. The purpose of the trip was to coordinate with another company (scientists) to discuss collaboration on a series of tests. I have not really had the opportunity in my professional life to work with scientists or more specifically chemists before; I must say that there is a natural synergy between instrumentation/controls/software and all things chemical. I am really looking forward to see where this may go….perhaps a lab in Halifax? I was informed that the local government has all sorts of programs available to attract business. These are encouraging words…..especially since being a rural business in PEI I do not benefit from any real tangible development initiatives from this government.

Something new

Foray into the arts? Once again, I find myself pulled in the direction of an alternate creativity. I promised my wonderful girlfriend; a few months ago, that for her birthday we would get two matching rings. Since then we have spent a lot of time trying to find the right look for both of us, as well as something that matches. And then it occurred to me that I have the essential equipment to design and cast these rings at my shop. I think probably the lost wax process will work the best for the size and detail required; but I am not going to carve the masters, I am going to pour the wax into a negative mold that I will produce on the 3d printer. In this way i can complete the design in 3D software (Alibre) and make a multi-part mold for the wax. After that, I will fall back on a conventional lost wax process with spin (centrifugal) casting. I will document the process with pictures and video for this blog. The rings will be made from silver with inset turquoise stone.

Added Capability of Vacuum forming

Good Day fellow innovators. I get regular Google alerts about various topics that interest me like many of you probably do. It was a strange convolution of errors in one of these posts that led me to a vacuum forming website. To make a long story short, I have decided to invest in a vacuum forming machine to compliment my 3D printer. The printer that I have is a Dimension SST1200 which is excellent for product development and rapid prototyping; but as it is not a production based machine, the strength of the part may be an issue. Vacuum forming is a natural addition to my suite of prototyping tools because I can create the complex geometries as a master “part” in my 3D printer and then use this master in the vacuum forming process to create a part with strength. My 3D printer only prints in ABS in, but there are many types of thermoforming plastics available to choose from which display different strength and finish characteristics. I am on the fence currently as to whether to build one or buy one. The size of machine will handle a 20″ x 20″ sheet. I would be interested to hearing from anyone who has had experience in this area.

Hello world!


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Hello PEI Innovators. My name is Tom Stewart Haan and I am interested in developing connections in the community of innovators on PEI. I work in an Research and Development environment in areas that are interesting and challenging. I am looking to showcase some of my own projects on this blog as well as create a forum for discussion. The discussion does not need to be limited to technology only as I am also interested in discussing ideas to improve the Innovation culture on PEI.