Good Day fellow innovators. I get regular Google alerts about various topics that interest me like many of you probably do. It was a strange convolution of errors in one of these posts that led me to a vacuum forming website. To make a long story short, I have decided to invest in a vacuum forming machine to compliment my 3D printer. The printer that I have is a Dimension SST1200 which is excellent for product development and rapid prototyping; but as it is not a production based machine, the strength of the part may be an issue. Vacuum forming is a natural addition to my suite of prototyping tools because I can create the complex geometries as a master “part” in my 3D printer and then use this master in the vacuum forming process to create a part with strength. My 3D printer only prints in ABS in, but there are many types of thermoforming plastics available to choose from which display different strength and finish characteristics. I am on the fence currently as to whether to build one or buy one. The size of machine will handle a 20″ x 20″ sheet. I would be interested to hearing from anyone who has had experience in this area.