• Dimension 3D printer – This machine is specifically designed for rapid prototyping.   It has a construction pallet of 10″ wide by 10″ deep by 12″ high and can create complex 3D objects in single or multiple parts. The material that is used is ABS plastic and is available in a wide range of colors. This machine represents the leading edge in development environments.
  • AM-PAK thermo-former – This machine hot forms sheet plastic over a master shape. This process is an important addition to our suite of rapid prototyping tools as we can generate complex geometries in the 3D printer, and then transfer the process to the thermo-former for production purposes. This saves time and expense when creating many parts/shapes of a particular design.
  • GPU Supercomputer – This amazing beast is a GPU supercomputer making use of NVidia’s CUDA architecture which dramatically increases computing performance. It is based on the i7 processor with 4 Gforce video Cards. The total system performance is expected to be over 1300 Gflops (double precision). This computer is being used for computational flow dynamics as well as optimization of genetic algorithms.

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